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About Snoosz

Snoosz.com was founded by sleep specialist who recognize the value of enabling people with sleep apnea to purchase their CPAP equipment and supplies online from knowledgeable medical professionals.


If you’re looking for a team that will give you the tools to sleep better each night, you’ve come to the right place. At Snoosz, our top priority is to help you find the right sleep products that you can depend on each night to find the rest you need. The products we offer have proven to be safe and effective in treating a wide range of sleep disorders, including:

• Sleep Apnea

• Snoring

• Insomnia

• Bed Wetting

• Night Sweats

• Difficulty Waking

Whether you live with one of these conditions or you simply aren’t satisfied with the quality of your sleep, our expert staff is ready to help you find relief.

We are Sleep Experts

Our staff is made up of sleep specialist

Including sleep therapists and respiratory therapists who have the knowledge to provide you with the right sleep products. We can help you find a better night’s sleep, whether you are a healthy sleeper, have some trouble sleeping or are living with a sleep disorder.

We aren’t a simple warehouse that ships products to you, we are sleep specialists who care about improving your sleep health.

When you work with us, you work with us. We sell our products directly to you and don’t rely on third parties. Our focus is to provide you with the right equipment, products and education to promote positive outcomes and improved sleep.

Our office is in midtown Manhattan, but we can ship sleep products to the entire country.

When You Have Trouble Sleeping, Just Snoosz

Better Sleep Better Health

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