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UPDATED Coronavirus and CPAP use Guidelines and Information

REMINDER: Please follow general CDC guidelines for reducing the risk of transmitting COVID-19!

December 8, 2020:

The shipping peak season is being impacted with unprecedented volume. Mail carriers had been operating at peak capacity throughout 2020 with COVID-19 shipments and are now coupling this with record online sales for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday Shipping in general. This is creating a problem for carrier network capacity.   Daily discussions with carriers are starting to reveal that sorting facilities through USPS, FedEx and UPS are bottlenecked due to the incredible volume of packages.  As you can imagine this has caused delays (up to 3 days) in carrier pickups from warehouses across the US as well as the acceptance of packages into sorting/delivery facilities. Packages can take up to 10 days or more to arrive at their destination, some less depending on how packages get routed (2 to 10 business days is common even if from the same point of origin).

Our focus will continue to ensure that orders are picked/packed with tracking to be ready to leave the facility in a timely manner.  However, we do ask that you allow more time for delivery during this peak season as there will be delays outside of our control. These delays are impacting all carriers and their nationwide networks including their Express packages.  We will continue to try everything we can to mitigate these issues.

September 25, 2020:

We are pleased to report that shipping times have decreased from 6 to 10 days to about 3 to 5 business days.  Still slower than normal, but greatly improved. Snoosz is still experiencing periodic issues with product stocking with some manufacturers who are experiencing shipping delays of products manufactured overseas. We are working closely with our partners to provide our customers the highest level of customer service and transparency when any issues arise. Thank you for your business during these unprecedented times.

July 7, 2020:

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as the USA is still experiencing areas of increasing cases of COVID-19.  Snoosz, along with many other vendors, continues to experience some shipping delays. These seem to be in isolated shipping processing hubs in the mid-west. We have customers experiencing up to 5 extra business days to receive their orders, and these delays are sporadic and unpredictable. Snoosz appreciates your patience as we work through some of these challenges. If you have concerns about your order and automatic CPAP supply shipments, please call our office or send an email to

June 8, 2020:

As the pandemic reaches the stage of businesses and public places re-opening, Snoosz reminds everyone to please continue following guidance from the CDC and local authorities.  Snoosz remains in full operation, fulfilling customer needs. Snoosz continues to provide PAP therapy guidance and instruction via telemedicine visits with our customers, with great success! 

Please be aware shipping delays can still occur, and typically run about 2 business days added to normal shipping times, so receipt of merchandise can take 3 to 8 business days, with some variability.  

April 2, 2020:

Snoosz reminds all our customers to keep your CPAP equipment clean, and replace equipment at recommended intervals. 

While our offices are located in New York, with employees set up to work remotely, our equipment and supplies ship from warehouses located outside of New York, with our main fulfillment center in the Midwest.  These facilities are kept clean, staff are monitored, and any returned packages are quarantined for 30 days for added safety. This could potentially impact the time it takes to issue credit for returned items. While orders are packed and shipped in a timely fashion, delivery times may see delays of up to 2 to 3 business days for reasons related to the pandemic.

Telemedicine visits are available to help guide patients through the use and care of their CPAP equipment and supplies.

April 1, 2020:

Snoosz continues to provide our patients with needed supplies, as our warehouses continue to fulfill orders without difficulty. Many thanks to these workers for maintaining a functional supply chain during this crisis.

There has been increased interest and discussion regarding use of ozone cleaners to provide added protection against COVID-19 infection. There is no published information reviewed by the FDA regarding this, however, those persons interested in obtaining devices such as Soclean for potential of added protection, these are currently available for purchase at

Please read the Letter from Maha Ahmad MD MMSc, Medical Director of the Sleep Disorders Institute, and be advised telemedicine visits are available at the Sleep Disorders Institute for those who need to discuss their sleep disorder with a physician.

March 27, 2020 Update #2:

Snoosz is continuing to fulfill customer needs on a daily basis with minimal interruption, however, actual deliveries may take a little longer during transit. 

We have received questions regarding continuing CPAP therapy during the Coronavirus outbreak, and patients should continue with their CPAP therapy unless otherwise advised by their physician.  If you have a concern, the CPAP user should sleep in a bedroom alone. 

Also, if you are having difficulty obtaining distilled water for your humidifier, boiling and cooling can be a temporary solution, just clean your tub thoroughly as minerals left behind in tap water can damage the tub. Purchase a spare tub if you are concerned about damage, however, insurance will not cover this cost. It is unknown if this will void a manufacturer warranty.

CPAP machines are NOT ventilators, yet there have been suggestions CPAP can treat COVID-19 symptoms.  Guidance from the FDA is lacking, however, we suggest reading the actual FDA Statement for more information.

March 27, 2020 Update: 

For our customers enrolled in the Snoosz Automatic Resupply Program, please notify Snoosz at 888-976-6679 if you have a change in address, even if temporary. We have noticed several customers recently moving out of New York City into suburban areas; Snoosz is happy accommodate this temporary displacement and will send CPAP supplies to your temporary address, just please let us know.

March 26, 2020 Update: 

Snoosz remains stocked and ready to service customers via mail order fulfillment. Resmed Airsense 10 PAP devices are currently out of stock, however, we are awaiting a shipment, and will make these devices available as soon as they arrive.  If you are a CPAP user and suspect you might have been exposed, sleep in a room separated from others to avoid possible virus aerosolization.  REMINDER! Follow all manufacturer guidelines on cleaning, use and care of all your CPAP equipment, and don’t forget to clean your filter.  Call Snoosz at 888-976-6679 if you need replacement supplies.

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