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Snoosz has successfully provided sleep therapy for thousands of patients. The staff at Snoosz takes great pride in helping people achieve success in obtaining a good night's sleep.
  • The Respiratory Therapists here are very diligent in explaining the use and care of my CPAP. They coordinated everything with my physician to get proper prescriptions on file, and followed up with me to make sure my mask was working for me. I actually had a leak, and with a different cushion on my mask, problem solved. Sleeping better than ever. 
  • JT, New Jersey
  • Could not sleep for months after moving to Manhattan. I worked nights, and daytime noise was wrecking my sleep. Snoosz suggested a "sound machine." This little device Snoosz sold me puts out a soft fan like noise that gets me to sleep. The professional advice made all the difference.
  • TS, NYC
  • The resupply program is great. The regular contact and new mask, tubing and filters helps keep my therapy stable and effective.
  • ST, New York
  • Customer service is great. The staff are very knowledgeable and responsive. When I had an issue with my CPAP, they made sure I had a new device ASAP, and with a new mask and tubing. They went out of their way to make me happy.
  • TT, New Jersey
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