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Submit Rx

In order to purchase a PAP device or mask, a prescription is required. A prescription is not required for other CPAP parts, supplies, and accessories, including tubing, mask parts, water chambers, filters, pillows, and cushions. Products that demand it are marked on our website as Rx required.

Prescriptions can be submitted to Snoosz in four ways:

  • Upload your prescription using our prescription upload tool during checkout
  • Fax your prescription to Snoosz: 646-215-6499
  • Email your prescription to:  
  • Let us request your prescription for you. Send us an email at, or call us at 888-976-6679

Please include your order number and name with any faxed or emailed prescriptions.

Take our prescription form to your doctor. If you need our prescription form, it is available for you to print and bring to your next doctors visit.

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